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Literacy Promotions

Developing a culture of literacy cannot occur in a vacuum, but thrives from a sustainable program driven by trained educators, parents included, that promote authentic learning in students; making them excellent communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers in a world immeasurably in need of change agents. As curators of the learning process, educators and educational institutions such as EDDEIN must endeavor to create environments where students and those within school-going age are empowered to access and leverage learning opportunities that promote their abilities to read, write and grow productively as responsible global citizens.


To achieve and support literacy across its program areas, EDDEIN's investment focuses on the production and distribution of a context relevant texts covering a variety of subjects and topics for learners. EDDEIN realizes that the net effect of poverty, war and epidemic on the learning populations tends to undermine affordable education, frustrate the enablement of appropriate learning environments, and suppresses the provision of instructional and supportive teaching materials.

EDDEIN’s program outlay pivots on the strategy of integrative literacy promotions wherein teachers are empowered to expose learners to a variety of subject areas, concepts, and topics while developing the range of essential literacy skills. The approach, given the school gaps occasioned by ravages of war and epidemics in the program areas, is geared at the expeditious narrowing of the existing educational gaps.  Compelled by this reality, the long-term effort is to undermine the evolving regression and urgently institute programs aimed at accelerating improvements in instructional and learners' capacities to scale up learning and close up regional knowledge gaps.

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