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At the core of EDDEIN’s programming engagements is its focus on educational policy research. Operationalized by the Institute for Educational Policy Research, EDDEIN’ s research programs are aimed at improving education in all its facets; a process informed by the production of high-quality empirical studies. Recognizing the enormity of existing and evolving challenges to the sector, EDDEIN commits to advancing institutional competencies to generate, manage, evaluate and monitor data-dependent educational policies for impactful decision-making processes.


A critical focus of EDDEIN’s effort will entail the conduct of various studies aimed at assessing the practicality and responsiveness of public policies affecting or with the propensity to influence the educational sector. International programming will especially target The Mano River region (MRU), the region most immediately affected by the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Activities in this direction will center around pursuits including the conduct of field research, policy reviews, seminars, and conferences, in addition to an array of related regional and country-specific undertakings.


As educational institutions continue to tackle the aftereffects of war, epidemic and underdeveloped infrastructure across the Mano River Union (MRU) region of West Africa, EDDEIN, through the IEPR will endeavor to forge productive relationships geared at meeting the intent of its founding and contributing to the advancement of regional education outputs.

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